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Haven’t posted for a while as I have been busily trying out different variations of steamed bread. Steamed breads, or mushipan (蒸しパン), are popular snacks in Japan and you will usually find at least a few sweet or savory options at any convenience store. They are ridiculously foolproof to make and while I haven’t been able to recreate some of my favorite flavors just get (no chestnuts and no satsumaimo around here) I have come up with some new favorites. Read the rest of this entry »


Mmm, caramel cookies…

2009 September 28


I made “raw caramel,” the fresh caramels so popular in recent Japan, and stuffed them in cookie dough. Oh. my. god. Read the rest of this entry »


Well, the Yukster’s birthday is coming up and we are broke and so I am jumping on the “cheap-but-thoughtful-homemade gift” wagon. Namely, my ventures so far have been tackling the mysterious shiroi koibito (literally, “white lover”). These are a brand of cookies that are commonly brought back as souvenirs from Hokkaido and every since I first went to their factory in Sapporo in 2001, I have been a total convert. I only normally get them once every couple of years, but I never forget the taste. They are made up of small tabs of white chocolate sandwiched between two thin and delicate langue de chat or lengua de gato, depending if you’re coming from the French side or the Filipino. The cookies are crunchy, but not so crisp as to be hard or sharp in anyway. They definitely aren’t cakey, though, and that seems to be the real challenge when making proper langue de chats. I wasn’t totally satisfied with my results and they definitely aren’t up to shiroi koibito standards yet, but they are quite yummy.
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